If you are looking for that show stopper, the best looking frenchie at the dog park…. you are in the right place!

We are a small in home hobby breeder, Our frenchies are our loved indoor PETS and passion!
A French Bulldog is the most adorable pet, sweet, funny, friendly, absolutely hilarious with great disposition,
They are playful, they literally love everyone and make one of the best companion dogs.

They should be small (18-28 pounds), with heavy bone, rounded, compact, short legs and back, strong, flat face,
easy going, happy with the sweetest personalities.
They have medium level of energy, they need exercise to spend it, at least 1 hour a day of run wild, beach walks
or hikes are some of their favorites, then their going to be ready to cuddle for the rest of the day. We strive to produce sound frenchies, AKC standard conformation in the most gorgeous colors.

My Frenchies are very well balanced  “Health, Sweet Temperament & Conformation”

We do health testing in all our dogs, full genetic DNA panel, patellas, spine, heart and hips, but that’s not the most important…. the really important is the overall health, of course you want a frenchie with good hips and
heart but also you want a pet that can breath, no allergies or skin issues, and have a well tempered personality.

Puppies and adults are raised with the best nutrition “Raw food” and fresh nutrients daily, the diet is they key
of their health, same as with you! Dogs are carnivores, they need fresh and raw meats only.
We  have a few litters a year, every litter have all our attention and love. We do not over breed our girls, some are bred once, others twice, and 3 times tops. We work closely with our vet reproduction specialist to ensure their best care!

When puppies are here, I start with the potty training as soon as they walk, they are weaned direct into raw meats and goats milk, I put a lot of emphasis in their early socialization, and trust me… they have all my attention and love 24/7. We offer lifetime support and 1 year health guarantee, I work closely with all the new puppy owners,
to ensure puppies get the best care possible! Our dogs are raised indoor at home, living a family life. We are NOT a kennel!!
Our passion and dedication makes us strive for the best, We have choosen very carefully our lines,
all our frenchies have a solid pedigree behind with European and American champions.

We take pride in offering the best.

CAREFUL!! THEY ARE ADDICTIVE! you can’t have just one… 

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